Our Story

In 2020, everything changed. The way we connected to people, the way we interacted with others, the way we enjoyed spending time together. Forced to rely more heavily on technology to bring us within greater proximity to one another, we learned that even when we are physically separated, we can continue to connect. There were many things that we wish to forget about Covid and 2020, but we believe Legasee is one of the few bright spots that came from that season and are grateful that it is here to stay!

Multi-generational family walking in a garden
Mother and daughter looking at a phone

Our hope is that Legasee will transform the way we think about honoring and remembering the past. No longer should we rely strictly on old photo albums and oral tradition to connect with those we loved. 

When Hunter and Jordan were first introduced to the idea of conversational AI, it was clear to them that this technology could bridge the gap between past and future. A great-great grandson could get to know his great-great grandmother without having met her. Memories can be captured today and preserved for posterity, always being retold in one’s own words, with their own personalities, in their own way. 

At Legasee, it is our goal to capture these memories while they are still fresh in our minds and then enjoy them for generations to come.