Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Go to our Meet the Team page and ask one of our team members all your questions about the process to interact with our technology.

What is Legasee AI?

Legasee Ai is a company that we started to change the way that people capture and preserve family legacy and heritage. We create interactive videos that allow you to ask a question to a pre-recorded interview and that interview respond to you in real time, as if you are having a real conversation.

Who is the ideal candidate for Legasee AI?

Legasee is a great product for anyone; however, we have found the ideal candidate to be in the 55-80 age range. As people approach retirement age, they’ve lived full lives and have so much wisdom and so many stories to pass down to their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. Unfortunately, there comes a point in many people’s lives where they are no longer able to recollect the past and remember stories from their youth; so, we try to target people before they get to this stage of life. If we had to narrow the range, we’d say between 60-65 is the perfect age, but we’ve created Legasee videos for people in their 20s and for people in their upper 80s and every one of these have been truly special to them and their families.

Where is Legasee located?

We started Legasee in the Upstate of South Carolina. The Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson areas are our primary market. However, we have done Legasee Videos in Myrtle Beach as well and have the capability to travel anywhere. We hope to soon have Legasee branches in places like Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head, etc., but until then, our Upstate team is available and willing to travel to any market to offer our services.

Why is it called Legasee AI?

The word Legasee encapsulates exactly what we are after. We want to capture and preserve the Legacy of an individual for generations to come. Legasee (spelled with see at the end) is a play on the traditional word Legacy (spelled with cy on the end) because our technology allows the consumer to see the individual talking and interact with them as if they were having a real conversation over video.

Who will use Legasee?

Long term – future generations. With Legasee, future generations will get to meet and get to know previous generations in a whole new way. This technology allows us to hear directly from them and interact with them in a way never before possible. So who will use Legasee? Everyone from family members to long lost friends. In our business applications, we see consumers, technical support, human resources, patients, and a million others using this technology to interact with authentic, trusted videos.

Is Legasee only for family heritage?

No. While family heritage is one of the ways that we use this technology, we are also using this technology in the sports and business sectors. For the sports world, imagine an interactive fan experience at every college or professional stadium you go to. Imagine being a Yankee fan and going to Yankee Stadium and being able to interact with and ask Derek Jeter a question about his career or life after baseball? Or imagine going to Death Valley in Clemson, SC and there being a kiosk or video board set up where you can ask Trevor Lawrence or Christian Wilkins what it was like to transition from Clemson to the NFL? We have a lot of exciting things coming as we build our sports platform with Legasee. And then there’s the business world. Think HR. Think online FAQs. Think how many times you have a simple question for your doctor or financial advisor or realtor, but you either feel bad calling them for the 10th time, or they are in a meeting and can’t answer. Now imagine that that individual has done a Legasee Video and answered 100 of their most frequently asked questions. Now, they make that video available to their clients, patients, customers, and on Saturday night at 11pm when you have a question, you can just pull up their video and ask! There are so many applications for our technology and we are excited about introducing those to the market.

Can businesses use Legasee AI?

Think HR. Think online FAQs. Think how many times you have a simple question for your doctor or financial advisor or realtor, but you either feel bad calling them for the 10th time, or they are in a meeting and can’t answer. Now imagine that that individual has done a Legasee Video and answered 100 of their most frequently asked questions. Now, they make that video available to their clients, patients, customers, and on Saturday night at 11pm when you have a question, you can just pull up their video and ask! There are so many applications for our technology and we are excited about introducing those to the market.

What are the different packages?

For family legacy, we offer 3 different packages. The first package, called StoryTeller, is our base package. This is the least expensive and great for someone who just wants the basics covered. This package includes 50 standard questions that we have selected based on most frequent questions that people ask Legasee Videos derived from our internal analytics. Typically, this interview takes about 2 hours total. The second package, called StoryTeller+, is a step above the base package, including 25 custom questions on top of the 50 standard questions. This interview takes about 3 hours total and includes a pre-interview session where we get to know you better about 2 weeks before the interview is performed. Our final package is the StoryTeller Gold package. This is our premier package that includes the 25 standard questions, plus an additional 75 custom questions. This interview takes about 4 hours total and includes a pre-interview session where we get to know you better about 2 weeks before the interview is performed.


How does the technology work?

Our patented artificial intelligence software is really neat. When we record an interview, our software is segmenting each answer into its own data file. Then, when you interact with the Legasee video and ask a question, the AI system uses voice recognition and natural language processing to listen to your question, interpret it, and then pull the closest “data file” answer based on key words and phrases that the AI system has been trained to detect.

Can you create artificial answers?

This is a great question and there is some really cool technology out there that allows a user to generate artificial content. That’s not what we do though. One thing that is important to us is that everything we produce is authentic and real. Therefore, we are committed to using real interviews and real conversations with people to create our Legasee Videos. You never know what the future holds and down the road, we may see an opportunity to use artificial responses without compromising the integrity of authenticity, but for now, we believe real responses by real humans best captures and preserves one’s legacy.

Is anybody else using this technology?

We have a great technology partner out of Los Angeles who developed this technology and is using it for really high end museum experiences; for example, holocaust survivors and WWII vets. However, nobody else is using this in the way that we are using it to capture and preserve family legacy and family heritage.

Can you make a video of someone after they have died?

While I see the attraction of being able to create a Legasee Video for someone posthumous, or after they have passed away, we stick to creating videos based on real interviews and real conversations that we record. If you have a copy of an interview or taped conversation from someone that has passed away, we can certainly use that data to create a Legasee video; however, it will be restricted to only showing the content of the footage given to us.

Where is all the data stored?

Security and privacy of YOUR stories is really important to us. All the data of your Legasee video is stored on AWS servers in Northern Virginia. If someone requests that their Legasee video be stored in a different location, we will certainly do what we can to accommodate, but we feel confident that all of your information and data is secure with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Who owns the video?

This is a great question and one that is really important to us. One thing that not only we at Legasee, but also our partner company in LA believes is that you, the customer, owns the rights to all of your data. This means that we will never sell or give away your video or the data for it, unless requested by you. While we do keep a backup of every interview in order to perform maintenance on our system and in case anything is ever lost, we are willing to give that to you at any point you request. It is your right and responsibility to decide whether to make your video public, private, accessible on social media, and so forth. We simply perform the interview and create the Legasee Video and then it is all yours from that point on.


Explain the process

The process starts with a pre-interview. During this pre-interview, we get to know the client and get to know what is important to them. For the StoryTeller+ and StoryTeller Gold packages that contain custom questions, we use this time to find out what topics we should create custom questions around. After we finish this pre-interview, our team creates the final script of questions for the interview and then we send these to the client approximately 1 week before the scheduled interview. On the day of the interview, either our mobile studio is set up inside your house, or you come to our studio that has already been set up and ready for you and we begin. All we do is have a conversation. We will go through the script that you have already seen and we will just ask the question and you will answer. While we are talking, the AI system is doing it’s part to segment and file your answers into its database. When we finish the interview, it takes our team a few weeks to train the AI system and develop the final product. Once we have this, we will send you a link to the final product and you can share this link with whoever you want. We try our best to make the whole process as comfortable and easy as possible for you.

How many questions do you ask?

The number of questions asked in the interview depends on the package purchased. Our base package starts at 50 standard questions, with the next package at 75 questions and the next at 100 questions. If you want to do 500 questions, we can do this too. As a general rule, it takes about an hour to answer 25 questions.

How long to get the final product?

After the interview is complete, our team has a bit of work to still do in order to publish the final product. Our team reviews all of your answers and makes sure that the transcripts created by the AI software are accurate and correct. We also have to train the AI at times in order to learn more about a subject if it has never been exposed to that subject. For example, if someone is asked, “What is your favorite hobby?” and their answer is about planting and growing tomatoes, then we might have to teach our AI system a little bit about tomatoes first in order to help it find the best answer when you are interacting with it. We may have to teach it that a tomato is a fruit, so that when you are interacting with the video and ask it, “do you grow any fruit,” the answer you receive will be about this individual’s favorite hobby consisting of growing tomatoes. After all of this work has been done, we review the video and send you a link to access it. Best case scenario, we can send you your finished video within a week of the interview. However, you can usually expect to receive it within a few weeks of when the interview is completed.

Where does the interview take place?

There are 2 options for where an interview can take place. The first option, and our preferred option, is in our studio or a location that we choose. The reason that we prefer this is because we have better control of the lighting, sound, and space which translates into a better quality video. It also makes the day of the interview much easier, as the studio is already set up and ready to film when you arrive. However, traveling to our preferred location is not always an option; so, we also offer to do interviews for the StoryTeller+ and StoryTeller Gold packages in your home or location of your choosing. This requires our equipment to be set up in your home the morning of the interview and also requires that we have adequate space inside your home to do so.

Can you travel to someone’s house to record the video?

While we prefer to do the interview in our studio or in a location that we choose, we will travel and set up our mobile studio in your home upon request, as long as the space meets certain requirements. To conduct an interview inside someone’s home, there must be enough space for our equipment, free from outside noise that may interfere with the audio, and must have adequate internet speed. As long as these conditions are met, we are more than happy to bring our mobile studio to you!

Who decides what questions will be asked?

That’s a great question and one that is important. For our base package, we have 50 preselected standard questions that are asked. These 50 questions have been selected based on what our AI analytics tell us are the most frequently asked questions when people interact with a Legasee Video. For packages that include custom questions, our team creates these questions based on the topics that are discussed during the pre-interview process. For example, during the pre-interview, if someone tells us that their career is a huge part of their life, then we will create custom questions that cater more to their career, or family, or whatever is most important to that person. We also welcome any family or friends to give us custom questions that they would like to be asked and we will integrate those into the interview.

Can we create our own questions?

One of the great things about custom questions is that you can create the questions yourself! If there are certain topics or specific questions that you’d like to be asked or that you’d like a loved one to be asked while doing their Legasee interview, then we will add those questions into the interview as well!

Can we add to the video later?

So this is a good question and a somewhat complicated answer. In short, yes. If you did an interview and in 10 years you wanted to add to the interview, we could do it. There are some disadvantages to doing this though. First off, unless you wear the same outfit and do your hair and makeup the exact same way, it will be clear that some answers are from a different day than other answers, not to mention the lighting and sound quality would need to be identical. However, if you are fine with the inconsistency of the video, there is no reason why we cannot add to an existing Legasee Video.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use high quality – professional grade lighting, audio, and visual equipment in both our mobile and stationary studios to ensure that we give you a great quality video.

Do you use a green screen?

Another great question. While we do have the ability to use a green screen and create an artificial environment behind a client, 95% of our Legasee Videos are done without a green screen. We use professional backdrops when necessary or just use the natural background depending on the location where we are filming.

Accessing the Final Product

How do I access the final product?

When we finish everything required on our end to publish your final product or Legasee Video, we generate a link and share this link with you. From this point on, you can use this link on any device with internet access to interact with and enjoy your Legasee Video.

How do I share the final product?

Since we generate a link and give this to you, you can share this link with family, friends, or on your social media and as long as you have an internet connection, this link will work. We also have the ability to disable this link or create a new link should you ever lose it or need to change it so that someone with an older link can no longer access the video.

Can I grant and restrict access to others?

When we publish your final video, we will generate a link that directly takes you to the video on any device with access to the internet. You can share this link with others or keep it private. We can also disable this link or create a new link for your video should you ever need to restrict access from someone who has the original link.

Can I take the video down or disable it?

It is important to us at Legasee that the customer owns the rights to the video. So, upon request, we can disable the video link or remove the Legasee Video altogether.

What devices can I interact with the video on?

You can access and interact with the Legasee Video on any device with a screen and internet connection. A microphone is nice to have so that you can speak and ask the video questions, but we also have a feature on our videos called “hints” that allow you to click on a question rather than asking it over a microphone, so a mic is not required to interact with and enjoy the Legasee Video.

Do I need a microphone to ask questions?

The primary way to interact with the Legasee video is to ask it a question. However, this is not the only way to interact with it. There is also a feature called “hints” that appears in the bottom left of the video and you can ask a question by selecting a question in the hints drop down menu if you do not have a microphone on your device. This is also helpful if you are in a loud or noisy area and the mic keeps picking up background noise. The Hints feature allows you to interact without saying a word!