The Process

The Legasee process is designed to be simple and easy for you. Share with us some basic info and we will take care of the rest.

Process Prep

The Legasee process starts with a pre-interview. During this interview, our team learns all about you: who you are, what you enjoy doing, what areas of your life you are most passionate about passing on to future generations, etc. We then create a script for your interview and hand this script over to you about a week before filming day. 

The Interview

On the day of the interview, we aim to make the experience as stress free and comfortable as possible. Either you will meet us at our studio, or we will bring our mobile studio to your home. The interview is the fun part. Our Master Interviewer walks through the predetermined script of 50-150 questions and you answer in your own words, in your own way. On average, an interview takes approximately 1 hour for every 25 questions answered. 

AI Training

Once the interview is complete, our team processes your responses through our AI software, teaching it all the interesting and amazing things about you! This process takes roughly 2 weeks to ensure it is ready for final publication. When the Legasee Video is ready for release, we can offer you access via a URL Link to be shared with your friends and family, or a password protected profile that can be viewed from our online portal. 


The best part is what happens next! With access to the video and the ability to share with the people you love, your Legasee Video will be enjoyed for generations to come!